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3 Easy Updos to Beat the Heat

Summer may be over, but September didn’t end the heat. Humidity in The Swamp may keep you from letting your hair down, but that shouldn’t stop you from being stylish for class. Ditch the plain-old ponytail you’ve been wearing, and try out one of these easy hairstyles to survive the hot days in Gainesville but still look fabulous.

1. Knot your usual updo 
Start by making a deep part in your hair. Gather a small section of hair on top of your head and split it into two pieces. Tie your first loose knot with those two strands, making sure the front section of your hair is looped over the top. Keep knotting the strands of your hair, working all the way down to the end. Work the knots around your head, ending at the opposite side from where you started. Wrap a small clear band around the end to secure your knots. Grab the knotted strands and wrap it into a loose bun, securing it with large bobby pins. If you have any loose strands hanging out, just pull them back into the knotted bun. Don’t be afraid to be a little messy with this style; it’s not meant to be completely put together!  If you’re not sure how it should look, check out the end result.

2. The fishtail 
Spice up your traditional fishtail by braiding it to the side and pulling at the strands to make the look a little messier. Don’t overthink this braid; it’s much easier than it looks. Lauren Conrad even made a handy tutorial:

3. Braids for the rain 
Tame your frizzy hair during the inevitable sun showers, and opt for this trendy take on the standard ponytail. Start by working in your favorite frizz-control product. Next, twist small sections of hair on the top of your head, securing each with a bobby pin. Make sure you twist each section of hair on the top because you’ll be pulling the rest of your hair back. When you’re done, grab the rest of your hair to make a bun. Keep the hair in place with bobby pins instead of a hair tie, so it doesn’t stick out. Add a little hairspray to make sure everything stays in place, and you’re done in five minutes! Here is the full tutorial:

Gone are the days of simple ponytails. These chic hairstyles are so quick and easy; you’ll beat the heat and look like a fashionista from head to toe everyday! 

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