25 Things Women Are Tired of Apologizing For

Many people would say that being comfortable in who you are and having self confidence is the key to a happy life. And yet, so many ladies across campuses everywhere are struggling to accomplish this. From the very beginning of our lives, we’ve struggled as women to mold ourselves to the societal standards of what a woman should be. Along this path, many of us have lost aspects of our personalities that, while integral to who we are as individuals, we let go of in the hopes of fitting this ideal standard of womanhood.

More times than I can recall, I have come across woman after woman apologizing for who she is as a person. I’ve heard girls apologize for ordering a big meal while out at dinner or for not looking put-together enough to go to a class. The problem with this is that we should never have to apologize for doing something that makes us who we are as a person. Why should we, as intelligent, self-proficient women, feel the need to apologize for expressing our individuality? The answer is that we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t let societal standards or other people dictate which parts of our personality are worthy of showcasing or not. Every girl should have the confidence to be comfortable in who she is, regardless of what anyone else may say. Although there are thousands of things that ladies across campus are tired of apologizing for, this is a list of the top 25. Any time you’re about to apologize for any of the things on this list remind yourself that you should never apologize for being you.

1. Being a feminist

2. Having an appetite

3. Wearing too much makeup

4. Not wearing makeup

5. Being focused on your career

6. Not knowing how to cook

7. Having a strong personality

8. Not smiling enough or having a resting b*tch face

9. Asking questions

10. Not wanting kids

11. Being intelligent

12. Being single

13. Not being single

14. Knowing what you want

15. Dressing a certain way

16. Having a sex life

17. Not having your life together

18. Having an opinion

19. Rejecting someone or not giving your number out to a guy

20. Being messy

21. Not wanting to get married

22. Caring about things

23. Not shaving your legs

24. Being self-confident

25. Not needing a man

Always rememebr that, no matter what, it’s important for you to stay true to yourself. Never let anyone make you feel badly about being who you are, and most importantly, never apologize for being yourself. Every girl is beautiful both inside and out, no matter what!

Photo Credits: Tumblr.com