20 Baby Animals That Are Definitely in the Holiday Spirit

Finals week is stressful, families are crazy, cold weather is miserable, but baby animals are always adorable. Let go of all your stress and appreciate the small things in life… and by small things I mean baby animals. Enjoy these cuties that are definitely way more in the holiday spirit than you.

“Hey! Wanna build a snowman?”

“Geez Jerry, you’re slowing us down!”

“Forget Easter; Christmas is 10 times better!”

“Oh hey… I wasn’t looking for my presents.”

“Shabbat Shalom!”

“I’m a reindeer! Look at me fly! Oh no…”

“I hate when mom makes me participate in the Christmas play…”

“Don’t ‘cha wish your puppy was hot like me? Just kidding, I’m frozen.”

“I can’t wait until morning to surprise the human. I’m going to try to escape!”

“Are you sure this outfit doesn’t make me look fat?” “We’re all wearing the same thing...”

“I’m a Florida kitten stuck in a Northern nightmare of snow!”

“I may be little, but I can still help decorate the tree.”

“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (except I’m a hamster).”


“It’s not that I hate the holidays; I just hate everything.”