17 Ways to Procrastinate While Studying for Finals

The widely feared and unavoidable week is upon us: finals week. Considering you slept through your 8:30 a.m. lecture seven out of 10 times this semester, you seriously need to crack down this week and get your booty to the library stat. However, before you go and finally start the mundane task of finals cramming, there are tasks that simply must be done before any studying may commence. This isn’t procrastinating. It’s really important, there is no other time that these things may be done and they’re very time-sensitive — basically life or death. Here is what you must do:

1. Color code your closet like Lauren Conrad had hers in that one magazine spread.2. Plan your class schedule for next semester and eliminate any presence of 8:30 a.m. classes.3. Go to the gym and get a two-month jump-start on that New Year’s resolution.4. Be proactive by calling your parents and breaking it to them early that you’re probably going to have to take chemistry again.5. Take advantage of the latest sale on Tobi by filling your basket with 15 items, check your bank account, and then proceed to delete everything from your basket and spend 30 minutes sobbing into your pillow.6. Make plans with your friends from home for Winter Beak.7. Buy Christmas gifts for every single family member, friend, teacher and acquaintance that has established a presence in your life.8. Look up baby elephant gifs.

9. Go hiking through Paynes Prairie because you haven’t had a decent Instagram in a while.10.  Browse adoptable bunnies online.11. Pick up shampoo from Target, and then proceed to spend an extra hour in the new holiday section.12. Finally try all those gluten-free recipes you have pinned on Pinterest.13. Calculate your class average and figure out the lowest possible grade you can get on your final to pass the class.14. Finally do those 10-minute Insanity workout videos that have been collecting dust in the back of your closet.15. Watch Taylor Swift’s new music video and continue your internal debate over your love/hate feelings toward her.16. Facebook stalk everyone you went to high school with to convince yourself that you’re not the biggest failure from your graduating class.17. Bond with your roommate by ugly crying together as you watch YouTube videos of dogs reuniting with their owners.

Okay, now that you’ve got all that done, it’s time to head to the library. But first you have to plan out the perfect comfy yet cute library ensemble that looks like you just rolled out of bed (if that bed is located inside a Sephora), and then spend 30 minutes exploring every nook and cranny campus parking has to offer.


Photo credit:Duffmcduffee.com