12 Times You Couldn’t Get Enough of President Fuchs

It’s safe to say UF's newest president, Kent Fuchs, has captured the heart of every collegiette on campus, proving himself to be the sweetest guy in all of Gainesville. Not only has President Fuchs shown uncontrollable excitement as the newest member of the Gator Nation, but he’s also made sure to show his love and appreciation for the students and faculty of this great university. This, combined with his natural charm, has made President Fuchs one of the most loved and relatable presidents in the university’s history. Whether you follow him on Twitter or Instagram or have spotted him at a game or two, you just can’t help but fall in love with his friendly demeanor. Here are 12 times when you just couldn’t get enough of President Fuchs.

1. When he took his selfie game very seriously.

2. When this happened and you couldn’t help but laugh.

3. When he took his love for Star Wars to the next level.

4. When you thought your heart was going to burst with cuteness overload.

5. When he was cheesin’ in this video over the new Reitz Union.

6. When he knew the importance of starting them off young.

7. When he mastered the sorority squat.

8. When he tweeted this and you literally couldn't handle it. #squad

9. When he showed his love for Gator Gymnastics with a GIF.

10. When you wished you could have gone trick-or-treating with him.

11. When he was an expert at throwing what you know.

12. When he loved being a Gator more than anything else in the world.

Here’s to many more years with President Fuchs and to all of the great memories that are to come. Have a great week collegiettes, and go Gators!