12 Struggles Every Tall Girl Faces

When you were younger, being tall was probably a point of pride. You enjoyed being the center of attention, and loved when relatives you hadn’t seen in a while pointed out your growth spurt. But as an adult, it’s become a struggle peering over the the top of everyone’s heads. Here are 12 struggles every tall girl can relate to.

1. So many appropriate-length dresses are too short... like, actually the length of a normal shirt.That cute new Brandy Melville dress that looks good on your friend who's 5'2" won’t even cover your butt. Keep trying. 

2. But maxi dresses and skirts are also too short. "Where's the flood?" Unless you want to rock them two inches above ankle, you are going to look weird.

3. Always getting asked if you play volleyball or basketball. No, there are other sports tall people play, too — tennis, soccer, track, swimming, golf... anything but gymnastics, really. 

4. Squatting to take pictures with your shorter friends. As great as this 10-inch gap between our heads looks, I'm gonna squat.” Hey, at least you have thighs of steel!

5. Rompers are nearly impossible. There isn't enough fabric from top to bottom, if you know what I mean.

6. Leg room is rough. Long car rides with no room to extend those long legs are the absolute worst. And don't even get me started on plane rides when you don't get the aisle seat.

7. Automatically being 6 feet tall when you put any high heels on. "Oh, hi, nice to meet you (and the top of your head)."

8. You are always the one to get things off the top shelf. You've basically mastered that whole shopping cart dance move. Score.

9. Having to look for guys tall enough for your standards.Thank god all guys on Tinder understand the necessity of putting their height in their bios. 

10. "Tall people to the back" in every group picture.Yeah, it's cool. I don't like to be seen in group photos or anything. 

11. Your walking stride is twice as long (and fast) as others. Keep up, peasants.

12. Shoe shopping sucks. "Hi, do you carry this is a size 11?”

Whatever the downfalls of being tall are, embrace your height, ladies! Plenty of people wish they had what you have, so flaunt those long legs and take pride in being head and shoulders above the rest.

Photo credit:www.kisselpaso.com