12 Emotional Reactions to the Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak

You might have heard about the recent outbreaks of people getting sick after eating from all of our favorite fast-food chain, Chipotle. Even with the outbreak officially declared over, here are the 12 stages of our collective emotional rollercoaster as this emergency-level crisis unfolded.    

1. You hear rumors about Chipotle serving E. coli-infested food, and you think "Wow, I ate that yesterday. I think I feel a stomach ache coming on." 

2. Then you decide you're ridiculous — that was in another part of the country. *Facepalm*

3. But you're kind of nervous that that could be you, considering you eat there all the time.

4. You ponder Chipotle, the love of your life, possibly being harmful for you. 

5. "I can't eat Moe's because it's awful."

6. "I can't afford other high-quality food." #collegeprobs

7. You start oddly craving Chipotle because you've been thinking about it so much. 

8. The craving gets deeper — and deeper. 

9. It's been two days, and you really want Chipotle. You crack, go to Chipotle and the line is still just as long because college kids take that risk.  

9. You eat it anyway. You don't get sick. It tastes awesome.

10. A week later, after you've already eaten there three times, you hear they are doing a free burrito/bowl giveaway. 

11. You run to Chipotle like:

12. You get your free burrito bowl with double everything, especially steak, forgetting that this unfortunate blight on the reputation of Chipotle ever even happened.

Go ahead, collegiettes, and enjoy that free burrito. You’ve earned it for sticking with Chipotle through better and worse, like any married couple should.

Photo credit: Usatoday.com