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11 Thoughts Every UF Student Has During FL/GA Week

The biggest day in October is approaching this weekend, and no, I’m not talking about Halloween. For us Gator fans, this weekend marks a huge football game, a game against our one of our biggest rivals, the Georgia Bulldogs. This game is always a huge deal, and us University of Florida students are always excited for a rivalry week. Here are 11 thoughts every UF student has during Florida vs. Georgia week.

1. First, we’re so excited, because this is one of our biggest rivals.

2. And we can’t wait to go to Jacksonville because we get to play in an NFL stadium.

3. But, then we’re a little sad, because we don’t get to play in The Swamp.

4. But, that’s okay, the game is still in Florida, which means more Florida than Georgia fans.

5. And we’re so ready to party. Tailgating is always fun at the Florida-Georgia game. Did someone say World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party?!

6. We can’t wait to face the Bulldogs on the field because the game is always intense.

7. But, we are secretly a little jealous of their mascot because UGA the bulldog is super cute.

8. However, we’ve got the on-field advantage because we’ve won the past two years in a row…

9. And we’ve also won 14 of the last 20 matchups…

10. And we’re actually ranked in the AP Poll while Georgia is not…

11. So, we’ll definitely come out on top!

Go Gators!

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