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10 Kinds of Kindness to Spread on World Kindness Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Starting on November 13, World Kindness Week will take a lighthearted spin on what it means to create a light and positive environment.

Whether you consciously think about it or not, doing and receiving kind actions has a more profound effect than you think.

This can include increased levels of dopamine (the happy chemical) and encourages the spread of more kind acts to others.

There are so many ways to influence your circle with acts of kindness, from the small to the large.

Even if it’s something simple, it can have more of an impact than you think.

Although the website linked gives some general and easy ways to benefit the people around you, here are my 10 personal recommendations to give a lasting impression.

Offer to study with someone

If this person shares the same class as you, and you know that they’re struggling, help them out with understanding certain concepts.

In the long run, it’ll be beneficial to you both since you are going over the concepts together.

Find a library nook or a coffee shop familiar to you both and grind away!

It might introduce you to a really awesome study-buddy and improve your final grade too.


Leave sticky notes on your roommate’s mirror

If you live in a dorm or are comfortable with going into your roommate’s room, leaving them an uplifting note could turn their whole day around.

Since you’re in close quarters with this person, you usually can get a clear sense of how they’re acting and feeling.

If they ever need a boost, writing encouragements and leaving them where they are noticeable can be an instant day-changer.

Venmo a coffee run

There are so many ways to transport money nowadays, why not utilize it to make someone’s morning?

For me personally, coffee is my love language.

Nothing gets me out of bed more than the prospect of a steaming vanilla cup.

Give someone else that same feeling by a quick $5.

It’s definitely not the most expensive way to be kind, but oh does it leave an impact.

Send a random check-in text

Most times I’ve sent a check-in text to someone, they’ve responded by thanking me for how much they needed it.

People can be afraid to talk and communicate about how they feel and giving them that platform to come to you can be all they need.

It could be a funny picture or a simple “I’m thinking about you.”


Actually go to professor’s office hours

They’re there to help you learn, and not enough students go when it’s not for exam cramming.

Showing an interest in what they’re teaching can ultimately lead to having a really cool connection with them, and they’re more likely to favor you as class goes on.

Plus, it keeps them motivated and gives reassurance that students are interacting and enjoying their material.


Visit your family

If you notice there’s no football game and have nothing keeping you at school, show up at your house (if it’s feasible) and spend time with your relatives for a couple of days.

Sometimes, contact on the phone doesn’t do it justice, and it would make them the happiest to see their kid come home.

Plus, showing them that you care is the best way to reinforce long-distance parental relations.

Practice self-compassion

Learning to check in on yourself and pay attention to how your body feels is a great way to start being kind from the inside.

Eating a balanced diet and exercising as well as being in-tune with your emotions can increase your quality of life and fuel your passion to give others that same experience.


Volunteer for something you’re passionate about

A lot of different volunteer opportunities are available not only in your hometown, but in your college life, too.

Find something you’re passionate about; from volunteering with kids to training puppies to contributing to preserving the environment, giving your time freely to organizations that need it is a prime example of the ripples that kindness can make.

Not only does it strengthen the quality of the inside work, it leads to the outside to be affected in the most positive way.


Leave a quarter in the washing machine, the ALDI shopping cart or in a parking meter.

There has been many a time where I get to where I need be, and I’ve forgotten that last darn quarter.

Oh, how I wish there would be one that magically appeared in that spot.

If you give someone that feeling, I promise they’ll want to give that same feeling over and over.


Buy products that give back

One way to indirectly give your kindness into the world is to buy products that support a great cause.

Whether that’s bracelets that support women trying to make a living or reusable containers that benefit environmental causes, this is a great option to give secondhand support when you’re struggling to figure out ways to do so in everyday life. 


It doesn’t take much to make someone’s day, especially during this week, so do what you can to spread a little kindness as the holidays go into full swing!