Summer Survival Kit

The Her Campus UEA team received a wonderful surprise at the start of exam season: a Her Campus Summer Survival Kit full of gorgeous goodies. From key rings and temporary tattoos to notebooks, post-its and vouchers, this survival kit will definitely see is through summer term!


Seeing as it is deadline season, Her Campus HQ treated us to some gorgeous notebooks by ‘See Jane Work’ and a collection of Her Campus post-it notes! Being organised girlies these gifts could not be more useful! The notebooks are perfect for planning future HC content and our UEA office is covered in post-it notes and reminders of work deadlines! Post-it notes are an essential for summer term, cover your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with important revision points to subtly remind yourself of them everyday


Despite the fact that UEA is an incredibly secure university, safety is always an important issue to be aware of. In our summer kit we received a personal alarm to ensure safety and to help fight against sexual violence. Personal alarms seem extreme but they are incredibly comforting, the chances are that you will never have to use it but having it in your bag gives you some confidence and reassurance.

Key rings

These four cool HC key rings were a great and useful addition to our summer survival kit, helping us to find our keys and showing off our pride in the Her Campus brand. We will be offering two key rings to two lucky Her Campus UEA readers later this week!!


Our personal favourite goodie at Team HC UEA is the LAX collection of BLINK tattoos: essentially a variety of 60 celebrity inspired temporary tattoos. Seeing as the majority of our Her Campus UEA writers are ‘tattoo-less’ it has been so exciting to ‘faux ink’ ourselves and fool our friends and boyfriends that we have their names tattooed on us in Arabic.

Vouchers/ flyers

We were lucky enough to receive lots of flyers which many of you have already collected from us at UEA Square: access codes to online Her Campus exercise classes, free Chipotle meal vouchers and celebration cards. Come and find us in the square and pick up a few vouchers and learn a bit more about the contents of our Her Campus Summer Survival Kit!