HC UEA Campus Cutie: George Ezra

Seeing as we are currently in the midst of BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich, there are plenty of cuties wandering around UEA campus. Of all these cute celebrities and sexy students, one stands out above the rest: the gorgeous guitar-playing George Ezra.

The Hertford born singer-songwriter is relatively new on the music scene, releasing his debuting studio album ‘Wanted on Voyage’ on 30th June 2014. Ezra at just 21 years old has had a multitude of hit singles to date, his most famous being ‘Budapest’, a song he wrote during his travels about missing his flight to the Hungarian capital due to a bad hangover.

We students relate.

Ezra credits Bob Dylan and Lead Belly as two of his musical inspirations, stating that he wasn’t aware of his deep and powerful voice until he read the back of a Lead Belly album and tried to sing in a similar way.

This gorgeous boy will be performing today on the main stage so if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket, he is definitely a must see. If on the other hand you have missed out on a ticket to this fabulous festival, why not hang about on campus with a Hive smoothie in your cutest outfit, just on the off chance that Ezra nips into UEA Zest for some wedges. Stranger things have happened on campus...