HC UEA Campus Cutie: Callum Macdonald

 We caught up with this week’s Campus Cutie: the gorgeous Callum Macdonald. This South African stud is a UEA mathematics student who graduated last summer and is now returning to Cape Town to continue his studies.

We sat down with Callum to find out a bit more…

Name: Callum MacDonald

Hometown: Cape town, South Africa.

University Course: Mathematics

Describe yourself in three words: “Relaxed, chatty, curious”

What was your favourite UEA Experience?

“It has to be meeting and making my best friends by complete chance in first year!”

What do you miss about Norwich?

“I miss the LCR, the terrible bus timetable, the two hot days a year, never needing anything but shopping at the UFO daily, Hive paninis, pretending to debate about whether to stay in the library or go out, 7pm Tesco food discounts and 7 day weekends!”

What is the best thing about South Africa?

“The best thing about South Africa is the diversity of the people and of the land, you have seven completely different experiences in seven days and I dig that on-going change.”

What are your plans for the future?

“My plans for the future are to finish my CFA and use it to work in as many different countries as I can or until I find somewhere I’d be happy to settle down…if that ever happens!”