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Women are the lights, strength, and the real reason why this world is still standing. They are the main (if not the only) caretakers of families all over the world. We should celebrate women with every chance we receive, and there are plenty of ways to do so.

You can start by actually giving them a break! That means that you can help them out with things they usually do on their own, for example, house chores like cooking and cleaning are good options. If they have work or a business, you can offer to help out and ease their workload. Social media has practically taken over people’s lives so do not only post and praise them on social media. Tell them how much you appreciate them in person and spend more time with them. Respect is a two-way street, so do not expect respect if you do not give it. Respect the women in your life – it could be your mother, grandmother, wife, friends, or sisters. Show them always respect in all situations. Buy them gifts from time to time to show them that you care for them. It does not have to be anything expensive, either! Women generally appreciate compliments, so give compliments whenever they are all dressed up and even when they are not to show them that they are beautiful in all forms. More than anything, make the women in your life proud. If you are a student, pass and make your mother proud. If you are a spouse, how dedication in your life and improve. Women appreciate people that make effort and can organise their own lives.

Be there for your mother whenever she needs you, and do not prioritise materialistic things over her. Celebrating women does not only have to happen on Women’s Day. Celebrate through giving respect, care, and love all the time. We always plan trips and getaways with friends, so also plan something special with the women who raised you or the women who matter the most to you. Support the women who matter to you in everything they do. Support empowers people and that is a form of celebration. Women are the pillars of almost every home, and they must be treated as such. The common aspect of celebrating women is simply to be there and support them. This is because for years women were never recognised or rather, they were seen as inferior. By celebrating them, we are alerting them of their importance in this world. If you are a daughter, son, husband, or parent, make sure that you value and respect women’s opinions. Make a difference by paying attention to the new rules of the world – women are powerful.

I am very much passionate about research and writing. This is where you can access current affairs and trending stories. Not only that but also the provision of social matters, celebration of holidays and possibly solutions to current social issues. I will be using this platform to become a voice for those who are afraid to speak and highlight what needs to be publicly known. I am interested in the lives of people and how to better them. Whether in fiction using my writing skills like writing stories or coming with solutions to make living a bit better.