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The importance of fathers/how has your dad impacted your life?

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCT chapter.

A father serves an important role as the male parent in a child’s life. They have an important role in a child’s life. They mostly play the role of a bodyguard in a child’s life. Fathers are important in every way as most children grow up with the idea of wanting to make their fathers happy and proud of their lifetime achievements. Hence, most girls grow fonder of their fathers because they already know the feminine world very well and for them exploring the masculine line ways with their fathers means the world. Most girls see the kind of men that they want through their fathers. Therefore, it is important for fathers to be present in their children’s lives. Absent fathers create great voids in their children’s lives as they would not have experienced fatherly love.  Fathers take the same roles as mothers in creating human people by being loving, parentally strict, and always being the for their children. Most fathers always show hard work and the importance of taking care of the family. Through this, most children are able to learn independence and the importance of appreciating their families. Father figures are also important because most daughters get to decide the way they view men through their fathers. Hence the saying, “Most daughters choose a husband that looks like their fathers”. By looks, they do not mean literal looks but instead actions, love, and the kind of care they received from their fathers.  

When it comes to my own experience of how my father has impacted my life, I could write a whole novel. My father has shown me, unconditional love, in so many ways. He was my first ever friend. He would take me everywhere with him growing up, as a way of trying to bond with me. Through my dad, I have learnt that in life, the only thing that pays off is hard work. I have seen him struggle but never gave up on life and always worked hard so that he could take care of his family. When I was still a toddler between the ages of 3 and 4 years old, he taught me how to play soccer. That taught me that gender does not determine which sport you can play, that must be your own choice. I have learnt a lot from him but one that I am truly proud I took from him must be his kindness. My father is kind in every way and is always willing to help other people achieve their dreams. His kindness taught me that in life we must be humble and always keep an open mind for life to be more bearable. That comes as an indication that fathers teach children how to be good people. Fathers are the roots of respect and humbleness as they know patience and hard work. Children reflect on their upbringing hence why great fathers create great leaders of the future.  

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