The System remains Unsound

Accessible health care systems are extremely important to have in every community. Their role in  providing wellness and treatment cannot be missed. However, South African professional health  workers find themselves in distress and unimaginable frustration. It is no secret that this country is the  home-soil of corruption and mismanaged funds therefore health workers cannot perform at optimal  level. Many of them have left the country; many of them still find themselves stuck with the desire of  leaving too. 

Covid-19 did change the setup of our lives. More than anything it also exposed the most unequal parts  of this country that we do not want to show or talk about. The Health care system in our country has divides. Though there is excellent health care available; it is largely limited to the private sector. Private sector health care comes at a high price and unfortunately only a few can afford it. Health care workers that serve in public hospitals like Chris Baragwanath and Charlotte Maxeke were often exposed to long working hours and no pay. This was reported prior to Covid-19. Now with Covid-19 they are exposed to long hours, risk of infection and no pay. For them to consider leaving the country to find a healthier environment is not selfish at all. 

We should rather see it as an act of love for themselves. Health care professionals do commit to a life of  servitude but this should not remove them from getting the things that they are deserving of like  reasonable working hours, a guaranteed salary and an environment that does not mismanage funds because mismanaged funds result in the lack of resources. 

The migration of intellectuals and professionals can be stopped. Our government needs to review our  social, political and economic sectors and finally invest in the public sector. Those in power need to be  more honest with themselves and the people they have promised to lead and live for. Otherwise, South  Africa will remain a developing country that moves in limbo between the joints of progression and  regression. A lot of people will still find salvation in leaving.