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Lunar lingo

The Sun, Moon and the Ascendant represent major aspects of our personality. The Moon is either often forgotten about or simply down-played. The Moon has traditionally been a symbol of divine feminine traits with links to the menstrual cycle, birth and fertility. Thus, the Moon is said to govern our emotions and mind, more specifically the subconscious aspects of our thoughts and behaviour. In astrology the Moon is likened to the soul; intuition, feeling and gnostic thinking.

sun and moon

The Sun and Moon are representatives of our personality. The Sun is the outgoing, passionate and motivated expression of our personalities represented by how we act out in the world. The Moon predominantly represents our innate and emotional states or how we react to certain experiences. It is the major ruler and guide of our unconscious selves, our hidden desires and dreams, personal needs and spontaneous or instinctual reactions. In brief archetypal terms the Moon also represents our inner Mother and inner Child aspects which may reveal how we practice self-care, self-love and safety within ourselves and the environment, in addition to demonstrating within ourselves the play between wisdom, learning, understanding, responsiveness and receptivity.

Thoughts that often lie too deep for tears

Grant Lewi – Astrology for the Millions

why the moon?

The Moon represents a crucial part of our personality; those parts that we may not know or the parts that we hide. Understanding your Moon and its correlation with your sign helps to deepen your understanding of yourself and establish ways to either express these parts of self or nurture them for growth and security.

Moon signs overview

Below is a very brief description of what it means when your Moon is established in a specific astrological sign.

Moon sign Description
Aquarius Moon Aquarius is typically known as the “social” sign. Its Moon represents a strong sense of autonomy and self agency.
Aries Moon Aries is a spontaneous and active sign. Its Moon highlights its autonomy and eagerness to take on and complete any task.
Cancer Moon The Cancer sign is known as one of the most sensitive and caring. Its Moon highlights the need for comfort and care with elements of fearing abandonment from loved ones.
Capricorn Moon The Capricorn sign is considered stable and sometimes rigid. This Moon emphasizes the intense need sometimes for solitude in order to recharge and re-ground; this may appear as being emotionally distant.
Gemini Moon Gemini represents duality either in harmony or discord. The Moon sign reveals the urge to expand on new ideas and engage in stimulating interactions that mirror this inquisitiveness.
Leo Moon The Leo sign has potent leadership qualities. There is often a lot of confidence and charisma involved with its Moon representing the importance of having people to celebrate life with.
Libra Moon The Libra sign is often balanced in mind and harmonious. The Moon sign reveals desire for peaceful interactions and aesthetically appealing environments that reflect this tranquility.
Pisces Moon The Pisces sign is considered to be emotionally in-depth and dreamy. The Moon sign highlights the spiritual side of the sign and the drive for creative outlets and dedication to fantastastical ideas.
Virgo Moon Virgo is a sign representing pragmatism and order. Its Moon shows up as wanting to be of service to others through detailed problem-solving and mental stimulation.
Sagittarius Moon The Sagittarius sign entails constant wisdom seeking and adventure. Likewise, its Moon reveals the need to engage in new experiences that broaden the capacity to understand and grow from learning.
Scorpio Moon The Scorpio sign desires privacy and deep or soulful connections with others. Its Moon shows up as granting loyalty to those who establish trustful and soulful relationships.



The above table is a starter up for your own intricate journey of self-discovery or better self-understanding. Make use of different astrological websites and explanations to enrich your understanding of your own Moon sign and how it relates to you.

Love up to the moon and back!

"But worry not. She will find happiness in the end."