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Every year summer comes and runs its course without fail. Some summers are super busy and filled with great memories, while others go by without much happening. And sometimes that feels like a waste of a beautiful summer. In light of this, I have put together a list of how you can make your summer the most memorable one you’ve ever had. 

 Try to make plans with at least two new people who you’ve never made plans with before.

Nowadays, people are so quick to have the “no new friends” view on life, but I believe staying with the same people all your life is one of the quickest ways to stunt your social and networking growth. Get out of your comfort zone and invite a new friend for a coffee or a walk along the beach. You never know, this might be the person you end up sharing all your summer adventures with!

Read at least one book this summer.

It doesn’t have to be a self-help book or an academic book. It can be your favourite novel from when you were a child. Grab yourself a book, sit in a sunny corner and start growing your mind. If you don’t know where to start, I have compiled a list of incredible books in a previous article. Reading can only have a positive impact on your life! Go take a look at my list when you have the chance.

Find something you love and create a side hustle from it.

It doesn’t have to be something you dislike and find boring. Stocks are really cool once you know what you’re doing. Find an online job where you can work for 1 day out of your week to get a bit of extra cash. Start a business on something you love. Make an Instagram page and build your followers. Start something you’ve always dreamed of doing. I’d love this to be the first steps in the direction of financial freedom for you. I want it to be something you can carry into the new year with strength and vision.

Get yourself to the beach or into a forest at least once a week.

You don’t have to swim in the water or do an entire hike, but you do need a moment of undisturbed peace in nature. Grab one of your friends, wake them up at 4am and go watch the sunrise as you breathe in the salt air and the waves. Take an afternoon walk to clear your mind and ask yourself where you’re at in life and where you want to be. Do this at least once a week so that you can unwind and relax yourself. This is something you should get into the habit of doing, regardless of what the season is. 

 Give back.

Take all your unused clothes in your cupboard and make little packs to give out to homeless people who need it. Buy a jar of peanut butter and a pack of bread, and make sandwiches with a group of friends to hand out to the people who need it in your surrounding areas. Volunteer at your local animal shelter and play with the dogs who desperately need attention and love. Google some beach clean-up events in your area and join them for a day. I want you to give back a little this summer. I promise, your memories from doing this will last in your heart for a long time, as well as that of whoever’s life you are changing as you do it. 

Lastly, take any opportunities that come your way, grab them with both hands and run with them.

There is a quote by one of my favourite writers, Robin Sharma, that says: “Your life will be defined by how you react to the windows of opportunity.” I want you to write this quote up and stick it on your mirror. And every time you’re scared, or you wonder whether you should take the leap, I hope that you are filled with courage by this quote and you go for it. 


Below I’ve included a list of things to do this summer. This is a list I use when I don’t know what to do for the week. I try to keep things as fun and interesting as possible. Some are Cape Town specific, but I am sure you can find your version in whatever area of the world that you live in. 

Stay safe and have the best summer ever!

Your girl, Nat

Ideas of Things to Do This Summer:


  • Bowling with friends of family

  • Movie marathon at home

  • Home-made pizza-making night

  • Hot springs road trip with friends

  • Beach Walk

  • Sandcastle competitions with friends

  • Mini golf (There’s a really good one in Simon’s Town!)

  • Drive around the Peninsula with your best friend and swim at all the stops along the way

  • Park on the beach with coffee and watch the waves with your friends

  • Learn to surf or go surfing

  • Hire out a kayak for the day 

  • Visit one of the Art Museums in your area

  • Go to the Planetarium

  • Have a Play Station (or Xbox) competition with your friends

  • Go to the Kirstenbosch Gardens with a picnic for the day

  • Hike/ Night hike

  • Swim in the Kalk Bay pools

  • Bake fudge with your friends

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter (Fallen Angels, DARG)

  • Visit the nude beach in Sandy Bay

  • Watch a movie at the Labia Theatre

  • Go pottery painting

  • Go to a beach clean-up

  • Have a nerf gun day/ Go paintballing

  • Go Karting

  • Visit an arcade near you (during the week there are less kids running around)

  • Hop of the Ferris wheel at the Waterfront

  • Beat rides at the Waterfront

  • Feed Alpaca at the Alpaca Coffee Shop

  • Go to a drive-in movie theatre

  • Visit a Karaoke Bar with your friends on the weekend

  • 4am beach sunrises

Ocean-lover, adventurer, writer. I enjoy reading and drinking coffee. I am passionate about my studies and empowering womxn. In my free time I work as a medic on the road and I teach self-defence to young girls in underprivileged areas through a NPO called FightBackSA.
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