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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCT chapter.

My mother constantly told me whilst growing up, I should never change who I am and I should never be someone else. I would laugh at this comment all the time and say: “but mother, how could I be anyone else but myself?” However, knowing the things that I know now, I must say my wonderful mother had a wonderful point.

Let me ask you: how many times a day you compare yourself to someone else? Or constantly degrade yourself? I could tell you I have done that a decent amount of times on a daily basis. I know it is extremely difficult to be self-aware of one’s worth and channel it into things you love to do. So, hopefully these few motivators will aid you.

1. Never, and I mean never, sell yourself short:

Growing up, I always felt I got the short end of the stick, which made it difficult for me to not sell myself short. I know this is a difficult one, believe me, but once you get into the swing of things, you’ll start to gain confidence and you will start to believe in yourself. Say you have an interview and you cannot stop doubting yourself. You pace up and down thinking of what to say, how to make a good first impression and how to sell yourself. However, how can you sell something you don’t believe in? Start believing in yourself and show them exactly what you can do. Remember, you are all perfect and if you do not recognise your worth, how can anyone else?

2. Do the things you love and do them proudly:

I always thought I was a terrible writer, but here I am writing an article and doing it to the best of my ability. We need to stop doing things that we love, because it isn’t innovative or new or good enough. Honestly, no one should care but you. Start doing things you love and things that make you feel elated. As long as you are happy, then the main goal has been achieved.


This is a concept I know many of us battle with. Do not surround yourself with people who do not make you a priority in their lives. If you have someone who constantly makes you believe you are not worth their time then leave. Immediately. You are precious and so is your time and if anyone makes you feel otherwise, then that is a reflection of them, not you. You need to start focusing on your happiness and not everyone else’s.

Although all these points were broad and extremely difficult to tackle, I know it is possible. One thing we should always keep in mind: self-love is extremely important. I hope you all feel a little bit better after reading this article and I hope you all wake up every day loving yourselves more and more.

P.S the song “Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club always motivates me to be my best self!

Julia Naidoo is an English and Linguistics major at the University of Cape Town. She is the former co-Correspondent for the chapter as well as the former Senior Editor.