The Her Campus UCT team responds: If you don’t love me at my…you don’t deserve me at my…

One of my favourite things to do is watch people take unapologetic ownership and pride in their glow ups. Puberty was rough. Braces seemed to be on for an eternity, constant breakouts and pimples, and questionable haircuts. We didn’t have YouTube tutorials to help us through our first tween disco like the 2000s babies do now. We just had our mom’s ancient makeup drawer, lip gloss, and a whole lot of passion to look like Miley Cyrus in her banging, rebel “7 Things I Hate About You” music video.


Image courtesy of Caroline Petersen


When the new meme surfaced on Twitter, where celebs and ordinary folk alike, showcased photos of themselves looking squirmy and awkward, we couldn’t help but cringe in the universal pain felt through looking at the style of those late 2000s tween photos. However, we also collectively rejoiced at how far everyone has come into shaping into the exquisite humans they are today. The executive team at Her Campus UCT decided to give our 2c too. Laugh and cry along with us as we take a blast to the past as well as celebrate how far we’ve come in being authentically ourselves!

Julia Naidoo – Co-Correspondent


Fadiyah Rabin – Co-Correspondent

Caroline Petersen – Social Media Director


Aqeelah Bray – Senior Editor


Nasreen Adhikari – Head of Events Management and Planning


Logan Croeser – Head of PR


One thing is for sure: the glow ups came, and we’re incredibly glad that they did!