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Going Bra-less: Public Indecency or Embracing the Natural?

Talk to any lady you know and she will tell you that taking her bra off at the end of the day is one of the most freeing and relieving acts… like EVER! Whether you feel caged in or secure in your bra, the question of whether going braless is a ´loss´ of your virtue or a state of liberation is ultimately up to you! The bra may have been designed to support breasts, but did you know Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon studied the effects of going bra-less on womens´ breasts and found that:¨Not wearing a bra actually made women´s breasts stronger. […] Due to all that extra muscle tissue, your breasts actually look ´perkier´ without a bra¨

If this is the case and one which is scientifically proven, why all the fuss around bras then? Maybe we need some liberal opinions to help shed some light on the rise of #FreetheNipple and why 21st-century women are increasingly choosing to put that bra to rest:


The opinion of a few UCT students:

¨Basically I think it should be up to no one but the individual as to whether they feel comfortable without a bra. It shouldn’t really matter, either way, to be honest. I don’t wear bras because I don’t really care if people see my nipples, and to be honest it’s just plain uncomfortable. [I’m] Not going to campaign for the banning of the bras, but #freethenipple if you want to¨ – Alice

¨I guess I would say that it depends on the person. When I go bra-less I feel very ¨free¨, but become super self-aware because I know it isn’t really socially acceptable. But I do like the idea of everyone embracing themselves¨ – Erica

¨I do not think its public indecency whatsoever. It’s comfortable, it’s normal and it feels good. I know it’s actually becoming quite trendy to not wear a bra. [For] some outfits and looks it´s become a bit of a style for it to be clear that you´re not wearing a bra¨ – Emily

¨Sometimes I like to wear a bra because it enhances everything a little and also I do feel good in one. But it feels quite empowering to not wear one, and actually a lot less sexual¨ – Claire

¨Free the damn nipples man. I envy peeps who can be bra-less¨- Tamutswa


To wear or not to wear the bra? That is the question, which at the end of the day is entirely up to you. But the more is researched and campaigned, the more women are agreeing with #FreetheNipple and the liberation it brings women the world over.

Keen to hear some more opinions on going braless? Check out this vox-pop by Lindsay Llewellyn


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