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A few years back I was attending a trance music festival and a group of girls I knew, who mind you were festival pros and recognised in the scene, were covered all over in glitter that looked beautiful in the sun and lasted on their face and bodies through all the dancing of the day. Later that day I was shocked to see one of the girls pull out the glitter for a quick reapplication and I saw that she was in fact applying glitter glue on her face. Yes, actual arts and crafts glitter that was on all your childhood art projects. On the one hand I thought, “I should try this because it looks really good,” and then on the other I thought, “This is a little weird and maybe the glitter should just stay for art projects”.

I have to say that the glitter glue did look great, but I’ve stumbled across something better that was actually formulated to be put on festival goers- and that is Dream Sequins glitter. Picture this: you’re at a festival and you don’t want to make a big effort to look good but you still want to fit the scene, so you wake up ready to rave and get your day on; you put on some BB cream, sunscreen or light layer of foundation and top it all off with Dream Sequins glitter. I guarantee that not only will you look amazing, but you’ll definitely feel confident no matter what stage of tiredness you’re at from getting back to your tent after a late night.

Festival season is kicking off this weekend with Rocking the Daisies and Smalltown Beat, and some ideas of mine include creating crescent moon shapes with glitter on my temples, covering up my tired eyes by applying glitter under my eyes where bags would be, and on the third or fourth day when my hair will be oily, apply the glitter along my hair parting and roots. Dream Sequins glitter is an extremely easy product to work with; the brand has glitter pastes for an easy, quick application, loose chunky glitters that even look dual toned when reflecting sunlight and face jewels already set in a design so you don’t have to waste any time creating looks. I particularly love that the range even includes biodegradable glitter options for all the environmentally conscious festival-goers. Dream Sequins glitter is very student budget friendly as you can buy glitter from just R60 and the pots will last you throughout all your festivals, 21sts and club hops and you will most definitely stand out from everyone still using craft glitter!

If you are in need of inspiration all of that can be found on Dream Sequins’ instagram (@dream_sqns_glitter), which I love because you can see how your favourite glitters can be used and how they look on different skin tones. My personal favourites include “Unicorn” glitter paste, “Pride” glitter paste and “Dark Galaxy” chunky glitter. All the glitter products and their prices are viewable on the “Dream SQNS” Facebook page and orders can be made via [email protected]. My tip is to send pictures into your festival friends group chat, pick out a few and then everyone chips in so the whole squad will be equally as sparkly!

Upcoming festivals to sparkle at:

  • Organik: Gaian Dream- 19 to 21 October 2018

  • The Eden Experience: A State of Happiness- 17 November 2018

  • Endless Daze Festival- 2 to 4 November 2018

  • Vortex: Open Source- 13 to 17 December 2018

  • Lighthouse Festival- 26 January 2019

Find some inspo from:

  • Aisha Phiri- IG: @aishaphiri

  • Cartia Mallan- Youtube and Instagram @cartiamallan

  • Mika Francis- Youtube and Instagram @mikafrancis

  • Mia Kennington- IG @thrillsoftomorrow

  • Zita DB- IG @zita_db.mua

  • And of course @dream_sqns_glitter

Photographs by Arron Moos

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Kelsy is currently doing her second year of study at the University of Cape Town-majoring in Media & Writing and Gender studies. She loves rescue dogs, being vegetarian and actively trying to live more consciously for the environment.
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