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 The six trends that should be on your radar to sport this autumn

Autumn has arrived and already made quite the statement. These are six styles that have been sported across Europe this spring and have landed on our radar for this autumn. From polka-dot designs to Alicia Keys’ low-rise 90s jeans: let’s fall in love with autumn! Some of these could be considered quite eccentric and not at all the classic staples in most wardrobes, but who gets to decide what you wear? (Besides you!)

The Bermuda short

Good news! If the thought of skirts and dresses or trousers concerns you, Bermuda shorts have your back. They’re expected to be very fashionable this autumn, and honestly, we couldn’t agree more! Knee-length shorts exude a chic, unconventional androgynous statement while still erring on the side of feminine. Choose a material that fits your personal style from fabrics such as cotton, leather, or denim. With our crazy four seasons in a day weather, Bermuda shorts make all the difference! Keeping us cool in the sun, but safe from the wind, these shorts really are an absolute must!

The polka dot

The polka dot print, reminiscent of the 1950s, is about to make a major comeback. It’s time for the leopard to retreat into the jungle and for this chic pattern to take its place! The Spring/Autumn 2024 runways featured polka dots from head to toe, and they have made quite an impression. A polka dot dress adds youth to your look whilst maintaining an air of high fashion. The simple pairing of a polka dot print with a classic pair of denim jeans is a campus must this autumn.

The fringe and leather

Leather has been a go-to all year, and we’re planning to heighten its playful vibe with fringe! Leather-on-leather is the H&M theme this autumn, and we are absolutely loving it. Combined with some fringe, you’ll honestly be “too cool for school.” There are many ways to introduce a touch of leather to your wardrobe this season: from detailing on bags to an ostentatious miniskirt with floor-sweeping fringe overlay. To top it off, Beyoncé’s latest record, “Cowboy Carter” (2024), has featured this style, and it’s clear that it intends to stay.

low-rise jeans

Low-rise jeans are making a comeback thanks to the Y2K Renaissance. They’ve been spotted on the runways of Schiaparelli and Miu Miu for the spring/autumn of 2024. Also, please ask Bella Hadid about her jean collection! Together with the online clothing retailer About You, Bella has designed a unique line that we absolutely love! The collection, called “Bella,” showcases her great taste and unique flair. It includes a variety of paradoxical fashions, ranging from rebellious to romantic, and we definitely see the appeal. The late ’90s and early ’00s serve as inspirations, combining feminine and delicate features with a hard, grunge aesthetic. The jean collection is versatile, combining vintage fashion, airport jeans, and slim-leg jeans.

Will the low-rise jeans stay?

Asal states, “Low-rise jeans are a statement piece as much as they are iconic. Compared to a traditional high-waisted fit, they are more daring to wear and more difficult to pull off.” Asal Tehrani, the woman behind Bella Hadid’s favourite Depop shop @susamusa, definitely raises some good points. However, Cotton On’s collection is perfectly suited to fit a wider range of body types this autumn, making the trend far more inclusive than it was in the 2000s!

Ballet pumps

Ballet flats have seen a revival thanks to It-girls like Hailey Bieber, and they are totally trending for the autumn/spring of 2024. Throughout the summer of 2024, South African ladies have been seen sporting their adorned versions, and we believe this will continue throughout the changing seasons. The studded ballet pump is a favourite and can be found at Mr Price retailers all over South Africa. The femininity and comfort they offer, as well as their classic nature, will make you feel like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn!

The polo

Maybe this one is due to the general excitement around Jacob Elordi’s performance in Saltburn, but we still love it! The striped rugby shirt made a big splash on the Paris SS24 runways, and we have noticed. However, perhaps you might want to opt for a more subtle and sophisticated look with the classic white or black Polo this season. Versatile, the polo can keep the sun off your shoulders or keep the chill out. It’s all about what you think is best!

So, what are you wearing?

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