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Voting is our right, privilege, and in my humble opinion, duty as a citizen of the United States. Especially as women, the right for us to vote was long fought for by suffragettes who wanted generations of strong women to come to be able to have a voice in this country. So in response to those of you who are saying that you will not be voting in this year’s presidential election, I politely implore you to rethink your decision. I agree that the two candidates who will most likely be representing the Democrat and Republican parties are far from perfect. (Like, Trump. Really??)

Without getting too much into my specific political opinion because it’s irrelevant in this article, I also agree that it might be tempting to just abstain from voting if you do not agree with or support either the Democrat or Republican candidate. But, what a lot of people forget, is that there is always the chance for a Third-Party candidate – Independent, Green Party, Libertarian, etc. can always be on the ballot. The United States isn’t strictly a two-party system, though it unfortunately appears that way all the time. In addition, if these candidates do not join the presidential race, there is also always the option to write in someone who you think would be a president for our nation – yes, I’ll repeat this, there is an “other” option as I like to call it. 

So even if you don’t agree with Hillary/Bernie or Trump, this is not an excuse to not vote. Everyone should exercise their right, especially many people take for granted. I hope to see everyone’s “I Voted” stickers on November 8!

For more information about the potential of a Third-Party candidate: http://www.refinery29.com/2016/04/106710/election-independent-third-part…

Rebecca is a second year student majoring in Cognitive Science. Her goal is to either be involved in Alzheimer's research or be a child psychologist. She helped plan recruitment for her sorority this year and enjoys soaking up the sun at the beach. 
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