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Why is Animal Crossing New Horizons so relaxing?

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Today I’ll be discussing how Nintendo’s Animal Crossing New Horizons is becoming a rising star in providing stress relief for gamers of all backgrounds. Aside from its popularity, readers will be able to develop a better sense of how the game is capable of providing stress for the tired and weary gamer.

What is Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Animal Crossing was first created way back in 2001 and has evolved throughout the years in its gameplay and storyline. But . . . there’s never really been much of a storyline. For those who know Animal Crossing, the story is to create your own story, complete with options for home renovations, farming, selling, etc. Animal Crossing New Horizons follows the original concept of the first game, but with improved mechanisms and endless activities. 

What is there to do in ACNH?

The better question is what isn’t there to do? ACNH holds an abundance of resources for the player to work with such as various plant life, insects, fish, and even fossils. Players will have access to multiple tasks they may complete each day in return for points to use for buying desired items, clothing, and even mileage points for island hopping.

Amongst other things to do, players can also:

  • Use a shovel to dig up fossils and donate to the island’s museum or sell them for Bells (currency)
  • Use a net to catch bugs/ fishing pole for fish/ deep-dive for sea critters
  • Plant and chop down trees/ plant and water various flowers and even create hybrids
  • Buy or sell items/ clothes
  • Receive or give gifts to the inhabitants on the island

Wait, how does this make the game relaxing?

An abundance of gamers know all too well the joys of finding new games and playing them as a way to unwind and blow off some steam at the end of a stressful day. However, high-paced games can oftentimes lead to serious competition and even create frustration (ahem, gamer rage). ACNH is a failure-free game, complete with easy tasks to complete and friendly neighbors ready to deliver amusing and unique dialogue. The simple joy of planting flowers and catching butterflies is enough to make one forget about the tensions of a busy work and school life as players are given the freedom to do as they please. 

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