Waiting On The One

As we all know, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. The cards are out, the restaurants are booked, and there’s candy everywhere. What a fun day to celebrate. Except if you’re single.

If you’re single, this holiday begins to become a day that isn’t applicable to you. As if everyone is attending a party you’re not invited to. Trust me single gals, I feel it too. In fact, I have never celebrated a Valentine’s Day with a significant other because I’ve never had a significant other... It’s honesty hour time.

The fact that I’ve never had a boyfriend is never the first fact I share about myself. It’s as if I fear for someone wondering what’s wrong with me, as I sometimes ask myself. However, I wholeheartedly believe that there is someone out there that I was specifically chosen to be with. Call it star-crossed, soul mates, destiny, or in my case, God. Knowing this, I consider being single as a freedom to create, work, get to know myself, and to make and spend time with friends.

Although all of these single things are fun, I know how it may feel to see all the hand holding, smooching, and lovey-dovey Instagram photos. Sometimes I feel lonely and out-casted. I get it, BUT Being single doesn’t make you any less important. A S/O should make you feel important, but not give you your importance. Don’t sell yourself short ladies; you are all deserving of a loving, supportive, and encouraging person to share life with.

But until we find the one, collegiettes, I challenge us to celebrate the fact that love exists on this Valentine’s Day. Whether it be a love for your roomies, gals, friends, family, or pets – it exists. What a great excuse to tell people in your life that you love them. Love is a beautiful thing, and your Valentine’s Day should be too. Enjoy it. Don’t dread it!