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Twenty one going on 30

Every since I graduated high school, I had been looking forward to turning twenty one. My friends were all older and it was always so depressing when I would get left behind when they went to the bars and clubs. Last October, the day I had been waiting for finally happened and I went out to the bars all my friends had already scoped out and had a great time.


Now I cant say that my 21st birthday was when when I had my first sip of alcohol, I had been drinking in houses and parties since I was 18 so I was familiar with drinking and how to stay in control of myself. I soon found out that drinking once you are twenty one is not as fun because it is expensive and there is no excuse not to buy it for yourself. It is also very hard to say no to Taco Tuesday, or Wine Wednesday because it is legal and easy to do. I found myself finding an excuse to go out and drink almost everyday of the week. Eighteen year old me would have loved that, but 21 year old is not too thrilled.


First of all, overtime I drink anything over one drink I feel hungover the next day. When I was younger, I used to wake up, go to the gym and enjoy the rest of my day. Now, I feel drowsy and nauseous and usually spend the day after napping.


Eighteen year old me never needed a lot of sleep. I could rally off of five hours of sleep, work 6 hours, go to class, and be a productive adult. Now, if I get anything less than 7 hours of sleep, I cannot go throughout my day and I rely on caffeine and naps to get me through the day.


Eighteen year old me would be disappointed in myself if I stayed in on a Friday night because it is boring and there was always something going on and weekends were made for fun. Now, I get excited when I get to spend Friday nights in my sweatpants eating pizza and watching Netflix.


Turning 21 was great, and I still do like to go out, but as I approach the end of my college career, I am starting to appreciate the art of staying in on the weekends and taking care of my body so I can properly function the next day. 

UCSD '16 Political Science- American Politics Major
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