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Superheroes: Nurses Edition


Nursing (Adj.) the continual care for others who are sick, ill, injured or disabled. 

It all started with Florence Nightingale, who assisted and promoted the egalitarian human rights of Nurses who practiced in the 21st century (Selanders & Crane, 2012). Nursing was never easy especially in its earliest form. In the late 18th centuries, there was a severe lack of literature in treating sickness and illness while effectively limiting the exposure that healthcare professionals received while taking care of others (Selanders et al.,).Through generations, the information regarding pathology has progressed allowing for an increased protection for our nurses and health care members.

Further in the 18th/19th centuries, nursing was considered socially unacceptable, and fused a lot of gender discrimination for females. While this was the case, Nightingale had a far more superior vision for what Nursing could be. Through her advocacy she worked to establish nursing as an “essential and educated component of health care (Selanders et al.,).” Moreover, she was known for her numerous letters that promoted advocacy for patients and nurses. 


To our Nurses we thank you.


This week, we celebrate you. We thank you for your service and we thank you for putting others before yourselves. We thank you for your sacrifice and the countless hours you spend and continue to spend taking care of others. You play an integral role in the health care system and there would be no system if it wasn't for you.

In specific, thank you to my Grandma who served as a nurse back in India. She was known as the “suture queen.”

Thank you to my Dad who currently serves as a Nurse. You have worked as a Nurse for 29 years, and provided such a beautiful life for our family. You wake up every morning at 4:00 AM and come home at around 5:00 PM. Thank you for pushing through when you are overwhelmed and overly stressed. I am grateful for your unfiltered humor which I am sure your patients appreciate. Thank you for inspiring me to go into the healthcare field. You are my hero. 


How can I help support Nurses and other health care Professionals?

  1. Stay HOME. 

  2. One thing my Dad always tells me is to Donate Blood. He says that the blood banks are bleeding right now, and they need your help. You can find more information at the American Red Cross for eligibility, or you can book your appointment here.

  3. Kaiser Permanent and Sutter health are accepting donations. (PPE etc.)

  4. Continue to shout-out nurses and other health care professionals on social media. It is our job to make them feel appreciated. (See a healthcare professional, thank a healthcare professional.)


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