Spring Quarter is the Best Quarter

Welcome back to Spring Quarter, collegiettes! These last 11 weeks before summer are some of the most fun weeks at UCSD. It’s one last chance to join any student organizations you haven’t gotten a chance to, your last hoo-rah in college before graduating if you’re a senior, and your last chances to enjoy the San Diego weather and beaches (which is especially great if you’re like me and your hometown is a hot desert!) In addition, there are so many super fun events that happen in Spring Quarter, like Sun God Festival (!!!), a Senior Send-Off concert, Triton Day, and so many more!  The SGF line-up comes out in the next couple of days, the headliner at Senior Send-Off is Alison Wonderland, and Triton Day is full of admitted students finding their home away from home here at UC San Diego. Her Campus can’t wait for all of these events, and to use this last chance here on campus before summer to make it the best end of the school year yet. Here are three other ways to make it your best quarter of the year:

1.)   Do Something Off Your Bucket List:

Everyone has a college bucket list of things they want to do before they enter the post-undergraduate stage of their life. Since you’re going to be on quarter closer to that stage, you might as well complete an activity on that list! I know one of the activities on my list is to go hang gliding at Glider Port, and I’m hoping to cross that off my list this quarter!

2.)   Start Your Readings Early

Yes, I know we all say this every single quarter and we all manage to procrastinate until we find ourselves stuck in Geisel for hours come midterm season. But, this quarter I promise will be different, and that’s because it’s one last opportunity to finish the year with a strong, high GPA.

3.)   Pack Your Calendar (but not too much!)

Even though there are so many events happening this quarter, it can kind of drag on as everyone is looking closer and closer towards summer. In order to make the quarter move along faster towards our break, fill your weeks with events, classes, labs, work, and any other activities you may be involved in. Just make sure you leave a little room for some fun and beach time!