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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSD chapter.

Name: Sonya Svyatskaya

Hometown: Los Alamos, New Mexico

Major: Human Bio

  1. Describe yourself in three words.  Driven, reliable, honest

  2. What are your hobbies or what do you like to do in your free time? I’m a very outdoorsy person. I love going on hikes, skiing, watching the sunrise or sunsets while eating sushi with my friends. On rainy days I like to sit inside and maybe watch some Netflix or listen to a murder mystery podcast like “Criminal Junkies.”

  3. What was your favorite thing to do during the 2020 quarantine? As COVID hit pretty early into the year 2020 my friends and I were desperate to find ways to hang out while following COVID  restrictions, so our senior summer would not be ruined. One of the activities that we would do, which I loved, is we would meet the sunrises together stopping at Starbucks or another cafe to get some food to eat while we watch. We would sit on the roofs of our cars, so we were socially distanced and enjoy the beauty of New Mexico. New Mexico doesn’t have much but we hand down have some of the best sunrises and sunsets.  

  4. Do you have any pets, if yes what kind of pet do you have, and if, no what kind of pet would you like to have? I have one dog. He is a Golden Doodle, but he’s black and his name is Benya.

  5. What made you decide to join Her Campus? Most of my high school and obviously college career has been focused on the STEM field. However, I have always had a love for fields other than science and math. Sophomore year of high school I really got interested in fashion and upholding a healthy lifestyle. I would watch hours and hours of clothing haul videos and scroll through Pinterest looking at outfits people like Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid would wear. Also, sophomore year I started going to the gym and reading up on how to keep a healthy lifestyle. Coming into college I wanted an outlet, something away from the STEM fields, to express myself in these other orbits of interest I had. Looking at HerCampus, it looked like the perfect place to do that.

Hello, My name is Angelica Joseph. My pronouns are she, her, hers. I am from Guam, a U.S territory island on the West Pacific Ocean. I am a First Generation college student and Junior at the University of California, San Diego majoring in Communications. The organizations I am apart of are the TAU Sigma National Honor Society, the Undergraduate Communication Society, and now Her Campus.