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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSD chapter.

This week, I would like to introduce new member of our community. She is Madeleine Heinemann! Madeleine comes from a peaceful and wonderful city, Arlington, Virginia. She made her big step to all the way to San Diego, California to pursue her academic goal in Visual Arts Media and Clinical Psychology. She continues to make her joyful journey and she made it to third year at Muir college. Please, welcome this beautiful girl and embrace with a big smile and warmth.

What made you join Her Campus?

I’ve wanted to join Her Campus for a while now and I’m so glad that I joined this quarter! The organization’s focus on writing and the clear emphasis on creating a safe and uplifting space for women within the organization was really appealing to me.  

Any hobbies or interests?

Because of the pandemic I’ve picked up a variety of hobbies, but most of them have been hyperfixations that I’ve abandoned after a week or two (buying crochet yarn was definitely a mistake). However, I am deeply interested in photography and filmmaking, and hopefully that is something that I am able to pursue post-grad!

How pandemic has changed your life in a positive way?

I think the biggest way this pandemic has positively changed my life is that it forced me to become more independent. Because of the dangers of air-travel, I didn’t go home for over a year, but I think being away from my hometown for so long gave me the space and opportunity to grow. 

What do you hope to accomplish before graduating UCSD?

There are two things I really want to accomplish before I graduate from UCSD. I want to study abroad, the programs I had previously applied to all got canceled due to the pandemic, and I want to write and direct my own short film!

What would you tell yourself 5 years ago and 5 years from now?

Five years ago, I would tell my fifteen year old self that life gets infinitely better after high school and to not stress so much about my first AP exam. Looking back, I definitely worried far too much about AP World History. I would tell my future self to consider grad school, if I haven’t already gone, and to keep pursuing my dreams in filmmaking. But given my tendency to overthink, I would also tell my future self to relax; progress doesn’t have to be a linear path.

How do you want to be remembered to other people? 

This is a really good question, I’ve been thinking about it for a few minutes and I’m sort of stumped. But I think that I want to be remembered by others for being kind.

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Yoona Lee

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Hello. I am Yoona Lee. I am a communication major at UCSD. I come from Bay Area San Francisco, but I am originally from South Korea. I wish the best and good luck for everyone🍀