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Spotlight: Jocelynn Leigh-Cabrera

Name: Jocelynn Leigh-Cabrera

Pronouns: she/her

Year: Junior, 1st year at UCSD as a transfer student

Major: Communication, minor in ethnic studies

Hometown: Montgomery county Maryland


  • What is your best memory of going to UCSD? 

​Unfortunately I have never attended UCSD regularly to make enough memories, but self-touring the school with one of my best friends was amazing. Seeing the campus in person solidified my decision to choose this school over the others.

  • What inspired you to join Her Campus?

I was invited to join by my friend Angel. She inspired me to get more involved and build community with other students. I was also very  interested in the skills I would be able to develop while a member of Her Campus as it aligns with my major and future career perfectly.

  • Can you describe your role model? How does that person impact your life?

My Tita (grandmother) is one of my dearest role models. She has set a perfect example of wisdom, strength, and perseverance for me since a young girl. I admire how she carries herself through any situation, staying rooted in her values and morals. Tita has impacted my life tremendously, always supporting me to live my life and being there when I need her. I hope one day someone can look up to me as I do her. 

  • ​What is your all-time favorite food?

This is a really hard question because I love food! But if I had to choose it would be pasta a la vodka. Something about that orange creamy sauce with some noodles and vegetables gets me every time! 

  • What is a word of advice you would give to incoming and current Tritons?

I would give the advice to never stop searching for opportunities. This university is full of faculty that want you to succeed,  connections that could take you to the next level, and friends that could last you a lifetime. We are blessed to attend this university that has so many outlets for us to do great things and yet so many come to school and never tap in. I was definitely one of those students before joining HC and Umoja this quarter and I already feel much more connected. 

An Economics student at UC San Diego. Love to make new friends and create memories.
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