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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSD chapter.

1. What is your year, college, and major?

4th year (transferred into UCSD last year from Palomar), Revelle College, English Major/Linguistics Minor. I know, the last college I should be in as an English major is Revelle, but I didn’t do any research when applying here, mainly because I wasn’t planning on actually coming to UCSD. It was my emergency school.

2. What are your goals with your major? 

I want to do everything. I want to write articles, do research into some of my favorite novels. I want to help write lyrics for musicians, write a few screenplays, ghost writing, publish a few of my own novels! Eventually, I want to retire in England where I will own my own bookstore. For me the question isn’t so much “what do you want to do;” the better question would be “what is it you don’t want to do?”

3. What is your hometown? 

That’s kind of a tricky question. My hometown is a place in Texas called Fort Worth, but I moved when I was 10 and have lived here in San Diego for over 11 years now. So while, technically, Fort Worth is my hometown, San Diego is my home.

4. What are you passionate about? 

Oh my god, so much. I am passionate about women’s rights, the environment, abolishing death row, and reforming our prisons. I am also all for reinstitutionalizing redlining, and investing way more money into our public school systems, and giving every child the opportunity for a better education. I also am all for reforming our police system, and taxing the rich. 

On a less serious note, I am really passionate about Folklore and Evermore, cozy videogames, enemies to lovers YA/NA novels, anything fantasy. I love fantasy, fashion (i love standing out in a crowd), and makeup. I also am passionate about Greek Mythology, which 100% derives from my Middle School Percy Jackson phase. Oh my god, I must seem like such a nerd right now. Oh well.

5. What is your escape plan?

Well I graduate this year, so I am currently trying to find a job in the publishing industry. That’s where I want to start. I want to help publish novels, or design magazines, or something along those lines, just get my name out there. Or, I am also looking into Ghostwriting (that’s what a lot of big name authors do, they just come up with ideas for novels, then hire ghost writers to actually write to nevel for them). It doesn’t get my name out there as much as I want, but it gets me writing and it pays well.  

6. What is your favorite cereal and why? 

Lucky Charms, all the way. I don’t eat them much, though, because my partner’s favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats, and we can buy more of that for less, so that’s usually the cereal in my apartment.

7. What are your career plans? 

I don’t know. I’ll just go with the flow, see where life takes me. 

8. What is your favorite type of weather and why?

In SoCal, I love rainy weather. It just reminds me of lazy days where I can cuddle up in my sweaters and blankets with a hot tea beverage, playing games, or reading, or watching comfort movies/shows. But my favorite weather ever would probably be that perfect fall right after spring, but not too early for winter yet. It’s just so relaxing and cozy, and comforting. Reminds me of being a kid again, tbh.

9. What are your ambitions with her campus? What do you want to accomplish?

I am really excited to get started in campus life. My first 2 years were at a community college, and while I am so happy I took that route (it was free), there wasn’t really a lot of socializing. And then my third year (my first year here at UCSD), we were in the middle of a pandemic, and there was little to no socializing. But I am also excited to get some article writing under my belt. I have a few ideas already (some a bit serious, some not so much). 

10. In a world without money, what would you be doing with your time/career?

I would be a musician. I would go and learn how to play an instrument, and then how to write songs, and I would write music and become famous. Or maybe a fashion designer. I would enhance my sewing abilities and make really cool designs. I would also dedicate way more time to my writing, because I wouldn’t be so worried about making ends meet. 

11. What is your favorite part about the writing program within Her Campus? 

My favorite part is being able to write about anything I want. I know when I get started on my career, that won’t be a possibility until I get a bit more recognition, so having the creative opportunity now is going to be the part I cherish the most!

Hi!!! I am a second year business psychology major at UCSD, I am passionate about womens rights, fashion, business and makeup!