Prepping for 2016

Cramming for finals week, wishing I had done all my reading made me think about new beginnings with the new quarter and the new year. Here is my list of New Year's Resoultions for 2016

 Do all my reading 

I say this every quarter, but doing the readings is often times the differnce between an A or a B.

Meal prep on Sundays

I have a full year ahead of me, and bringing food will save me so much money. Plus, it is a good way to eat better, becuase I am disgusted at the amounts of Goody's burrito this quarter.

Cut down on my caffiene intake

I am a coffee addict, but every finals week, I end up surviving off of it, and then go in to a week or two or detox.

 Spend more time with my littles

I am graduating this spring and want to make a lot more awesome memories with them.

Sleep at least 7 hours a night

Let's get real, what college student gets enough sleep.


What are your 2016 Resolutions?