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New season, new clothes! 7 spring fashion trends to follow

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, flowers are blooming--spring has sprung! New season means new clothes!  Ditch the bulky, winter coats because it is time for a breath of fresh air and new fashion trends. From top to bottom, here are seven refreshing spring fashion trends to add to your #OOTDs. 


Hair Claw Clips 

Lately there have been several ‘90s and Y2K fashion and beauty trends that are making a comeback. But this particular hair trend is perfect for the springtime. If you prefer comfort and simplicity, claw clips are a chic accessory that can upgrade your hair and outfit. Varying in shape and color, claw clips add as a complement to a simple updo.

[bf_image id="khx7q7p6skpn94hgk7n2zf8"]

Bucket Hats  

With brighter, longer days, hats are an essential accessory. Bucket hats are not only versatile and comfortable but they are especially stylish as they come in various styles. Experiment outfit ideas with bucket hats of different textures--denim, crochet, woven, embroidered, etc. This may just be the go-to picnic fashion staple.


Puff Sleeves 

Nothing says spring like a dreamy, gorgeous dress. A Victorian puff sleeve dress can add more elegance to your spring style with its bold silhouette. Whether it is a floral frock or a gingham-print dress, the balloon-like sleeves add a voluminous shape to the dainty look. To complete the outfit, pair the dress with some cute heels or classic cowboy boots. These puff sleeves are also super stylish on blouse tops, as well!


Cable Knit Sweater Vest 

If the weather gets moody, a nice trans-seasonal outfit idea is a knit sweater vest layered over a blouse shirt.  To add a springtime vibe to the sweater look, shop for pieces with decorative stitching and fun, pop or pastel colors. Adorn the final look with a statement necklace for some extra oomph to this preppy look!

[bf_image id="r4tkpz6qkvr63crjcn64stgx"]


Knit Cardigans 

Like sweater vests, knit cardigans shouldn’t be limited to only winter attire. We recommend matching a cropped, soft knit cardigan with either a flowy dress, a midi skirt or some cute pair of denim shorts. Choosing from a palette of pastel colors, these knit cardigans will have a vintage-inspired appeal. We also cannot forget the details--pay close attention to fancy buttons, v-necks, and embroidery as they can easily enhance any knitwear.


Poplin Shirts 

If seeking for a more relaxed, lightweight fit, poplin shirts provide that casual yet chic charm. Take your office blouse or borrow your father’s linen button down shirts to wear as an oversize shirt. This breezy, lazy look can be turned into a modern, trendy outfit.


Square-toe Heels

Of course, we cannot leave out our favorite spring trends without some lovely pairs of shoes. Inspired from the ‘90s, the square toe heels have been revived and are here to stay. These edgy shoes can be styled with any of the previously mentioned outfit pieces. We predict that this minimalist and classic shoe trend will continue to dominate the summer, as well.

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Lauren Kim is a California native and a third year student at the University of San Diego. She is currently a Communication major and Business minor. Being in college, Lauren has a growing enthusiasm for marketing and branding. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, documenting food adventures in her foodie insta account, watching movies and exploring the city.
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