Meet Valeria Valdiviezo!

Meet our Campus Profile this week, Valeria Valdiviezo! Junior year of college is a lot to handle sometimes, especially when one has so much going on in their lives. Valeria is not only affiliated with Delta Delta Delta, but she is also a lead at Canyon Vista as well as a camp counselor for Camp Kessem. She is able to keep up with all of this while maintaining a GPA above 3.0 with a Physiology and Neuroscience major, along with a health care: social issues minor. On top of all of this, she also manages to have a social life! When asking people to describe Valeria, their responses included: kind, funny, a great dancer, cute, a great mentor, caring, inspirational, an amazing friend. 

How do you stay on top of everything?

I keep a planner and when times get stressful and busy my planner gets more and more detailed. There are always reminders on my phone, and in general I just try not to overwhelm myself too much by all the things I want to be involved in. Keeping a positive attitude is a major key.

How is the high school you different from the college you?

I think high school me was much more closed off about trying new things and meeting new people. I lived in my comfort zone. College me has worked hard to veer away from that and I am much more willing to challenge myself.

How has joining a sorority affected your life?

It was a huge step for me in terms of getting out of my comfort zone. I have met more people and been the most social in my time in the sorority than I did in my two prior years of college. I think it has taught me a lot of about compassion and understanding for people.

What is it like being in charge of people that are your age, if not older?

Sometimes it can be hard because no one likes to be the bad guy, especially to people you consider as friends outside of work. But everyone is always very mature and acknowledges that student leaders have certain responsibilities at work and that it’s a separate environment from outside of work. No one should carry hard feelings or grudges outside of work. 

What’s your favorite pick up line?

“Did you sit on cake?! Because you have a sweet ass.” No but really, “Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”