Meet Allison Vo!


Meet Allison Vo, a third year Sociology and Ethnic Studies Major in ERC from Garden Grove, California!


Hands down, my all-time favorite t.v. show would have to be Friends. My “lobster” happens to be my best friend who downloaded all ten seasons for me before it was on Netflix. My favorite episode would seriously have to be the Season 6 Finale: The One with the Proposal (Part 1 and Part 2).

What are you involved with on campus?

I am currently a Resident Advisor for first year students at Eleanor Roosevelt College, a member of Alternative Breaks: Project Appalachia, a woman of Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity, and a Freshman Orientation Leader.

How do you manage to balance so many activities along with school?

This past year has been simultaneously challenging and rewarding for me because I have very little breaks in between school, work, and my internship. Somehow, though, I have been so lucky to have found a group of like-minded, passionate, and supportive individuals who are always willing to lend an ear – sometimes their couch and blankets – as well as share food with me, while I mope around. I am constantly striving to find that “balance” in my every day life, and I have learned that asking for help and gathering support from others has helped me overcome many of my insecurities. I have come to practice self-care by making a conscious effort to set aside time for myself. I have recently taken up journaling in the past year – something I originally found to be a stressful task, but I have come to learn and adopt it as a mindful practice for my daily life to relieve some of the stress I feel.  If you have ever thought about journaling and never actually pursued it, I urge you to try. It’s a great way to remind yourself of the wonderful, tiny little blessings you have. And coffee. Coffee heals me. Coffee is my antidote for everything.

What are you looking forward to in the next year, especially with your last year of school approaching?

It’s actually so ironic that I am being asked this question because I had a mild existential crisis on Monday of Week 1 and then realized I only had two classes left to take before my undergraduate career was over. My solution? I dropped all my classes and re-enrolled in new classes. You might be thinking, “Oh my god…What.” Yeah, totally. I thought the same thing myself. But to be real, I could not accept that I was going to be done and gone before I felt I was wholly intellectually nourished. have found so many individuals who have an endearing passion for social justice, and I am afraid to graduate early because it would mean leaving “The Bubble” that is UCSD. So to answer your question, I’m stoked for next year because I get to stay a fourth year and pursue a B.A. in Ethnic Studies. Education has, and continues to be, the one constant that I can always rely on. Stay woke, y’all!

What do you think has been your most rewarding experience at UCSD so far?

All of the questions I’ve answered so far have summoned so much nostalgia that I can’t help but get a little sappy. As far as experiences go, it is so hard to narrow it down. Perhaps my most intellectually, emotionally, physically, and mentally stimulating experience I have ever had at UCSD so far would be my experiences with Alternative Breaks. This year, I had the privilege of being a participant for AB Project Appalachia. I was able to spend my Spring Break in Brenton, West Virginia and learn about rural poverty and cultures of Appalachia. My team and I were able to successfully complete a water feature and build railings for a patio for two different families. As much as I value my education, I truly believe nothing is more rewarding than service. I have never felt more confused, inspired, sad, apprehensive, and fulfilled in my young adult life. I am so incredibly grateful for the experiences and services that I have achieved with these group of genuine and inspiring individuals. (Fun fact: Appalachia is pronounced “Ap-pa-lacha-AH”)

Interesting hobby?

I would like to proudly boast that I have nursed my uniquely beautiful succulents back to health: Plant 1, Plant 2, Plant 3, and Plant 4. I am currently in the process of collecting more weird plants as I find them.

What is something you think everyone HAS TO try at least once in their life time?

Black coffee. You’ll thank me later.

If you could only put one topping on your ice cream for the rest of your life what would it be?

More ice-cream!

Super heroes or super villains?

Super villains. I would like to play devil’s advocate just this once. Without super villains, we would not demand our super heroes to push themselves beyond their comfort levels and capacities. This is going to sound quite Kanye-esque, but s/o to the haters for being our greatest motivators. Without the super villains, our super heroes would not know how capable they are of changing our world. Right now, I am not quite sure if our world will ever improve, especially with all of the major “evil” players we have, yet it is still comforting to know that we have our own warriors and super heroes to help us at least try to make it a better place.