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Golden sunset over the ocean
Golden sunset over the ocean
Judith Ann Hutsell
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSD chapter.

Get to know Maxine Krantz!

This week we are getting to know all of our newest members joining UCSD Her Campus! Maxine Krantz is a first year from Scarsdale, New York. She is in Eleanor Roosevelt College, majoring in Neurobiology.

1. What made you join Her Campus?

“I wanted to join a community of inspiring, fun, and like minded women at UCSD!”

2. What are you studying? … What field do you want to get into? 

“I’m studying Neurobiology and hope to go into medicine!”

3. Any hobbies or interests?

“I enjoy walking my dogs, cooking, shopping, and going to the beach!”

4. What would you tell yourself 5 years ago and what would you tell yourself in 5 years? 

“I would tell myself to live in the moment and to not get caught up in the small things.”

5. Where do you want to travel? 

“I would love to travel to Greece since I love Greek food!”

6. What is your best memory of UCSD of San Diego so far? 

“I really love watching the sunset at the beach, all the great Mexican food in San Diego, and meeting new friends!”

Her Campus at UCSD aims to create a more open platform for women to share their ideas and passions with the rest of the college community. Our writers are students of all different majors who share the same passion for writing and media and are excited to bring more fun articles for the UCSD community and others to indulge in and enjoy.