It’s Heating Up To 64 Degrees At UCSD

Finally the construction has come to an end, the food trucks will drive themselves away, and students in Revelle College (and the rest of campus) can rejoice at the opening of 64 Degrees this year!

The long-awaited restaurant is finally here, so students can now find a new way to spend their dining dollars at this totally chic food lounge. 64 Degrees’ website has been promoting the restaurant as an ultra cool, hip environment with a menu full of plates that look like something straight out of a Food Network challenge.

64 Degrees is only open for lunch and dinner, with a variety of delicious items on the menu. This fancy dining hall consists of multiple areas: The Burger Lounge, Market 64, Vertically Crafted Deli, and Wok.

The menu offers some mouth-watering plates such as “Buffalo Chicken Oozer” “Watermelon Caprese Salad” and “Spicy Dragon Shrimp”. We’re seeing everything from a Vegetarian’s dream come true, to a burger lover’s fantasy turned reality. 64 Degrees, please take all of our dining dollars now!

Not only does the site describe plates that are “Vegetarian” “Vegan” and “Gluten-Friendly” but also “Taste Bud Approved”. I’m sure all of these items will be taste bud approved after we take a visit!

Our school takes so much care and consideration into all of the meals they provide, which really means a lot to us collegiettes on a budget! Finding healthy and nutritious meals as a college student can be difficult, but thankfully our university makes a conscious effort to deliver us premium, organic ingredients that are sustainable and healthy for our bodies.

64 Degrees is another testament to healthy gourmet provided by UCSD. Through its description and pictures, it appears to be another type of “Bistro” experience, which is also an upscale dining experience featured on our campus. Students flock to the Bistro, so let’s see how the popularity of 64 Degrees turns out!

We can’t wait to swipe our ID’s in for these gourmet dishes! Plan a date with your crush, your friends, or your roommates and head over to Revelle today!! We can’t wait to try it!