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I’m a Republican, but I am Pro Choice

Yes, college Republicans do exist, and I promise we all are not all rich, snobby Christians. While I will admit, I am more of a moderate Republican, I am a registered Republican and I am not ashamed of my political views.

This week on Library Walk, Pro Life protestors put up a display with graphic images, stopping students on their way to class to try and conform student’s belief on the topic. The protestors called this display a “Genocide Awareness” project, and forced students to walk by an unavoidable display if you have to cross library walk to get to class. The protestors were pushy and very closed minded to liberal students trying to debate with them and share their points of view.

The Democratic advocates started a rival protest where they advocated for the Pro Choice side of the issue. They where shaming the Pro Life supporters who tend to be from the Republican party by having their own protest advocating for women’s right to chose. This side is where I stood and gave my support to. I believe that women should have the sole right to make any decision regarding their body within reason. The mother is the person who bears the most responsibility and stress in a pregnancy, and if they decide to go forth with an abortion for whatever reason, it should be HER choice. 

Personally, I believe the Pro Life side does not allot for rape and incest, and not to mention mothers who just simply are not ready, or do not want to have children. Being a parent is a huge responsibility and no person should be forced by their government to be a parent if they are not ready or willing to be a responsible parent. Finally, it is surprising to hear that the Republican party supports a policy where the government regulates the life of Americans, because that is not the consistent with the party platform.

My point is, Republicans, especially those on college campuses tend to get a bad reputation. But, we do not all support everything our party supports and are willing to vote outside party lines to make decisions that we feel is best for the country.


UCSD '16 Political Science- American Politics Major
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