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How-To: Newspaper Nail Art

Nail polish is great, but sometimes it is easy to get bored with your limited selection of nail colors! Fun patterns are the way to add some wow to your nails. Brands like Sally Hansen and essie have come out in recent years with stick-on nail patterns and wraps that are perfect, but a bit expensive. 

So how do we get the wow without the damage to our wallet? Newspaper nails, of course! 

Newspaper nails are a favorite of mine, and they are an awesome cheap alternative to nail wraps sold in stores. The words imprinted on your nails add a layer of sophistication to your outfit with minimal effort. So let me show you how to get them!

What You’ll Need:

·       1Bottle of Nail Polish

·       1 Newspaper

·       1 Flat Container

·       Rubbing Alcohol (Water works, too)

What to Do:

Step 1: Coat your nails with your color of choice (the lighter the color, the better the visibility will be later on for the text). Add a base coat if you want your nail polish to last longer. Let nails dry.

Step 2: Fill the container with rubbing alcohol. Cut up pieces of the newspaper and let them float in the rubbing alcohol to lightly soak.

Step 3: Press and place strips of wet newspaper onto nails. Hold for about a minute.

Step 4: Peel off newspaper carefully, add a top coat, and enjoy your fabulous new nails!

Voile, collegiettes- enjoy! 

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