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Her Style: 3 Sneaky Ways to Incorporate Green into Your Look This St. Patrick’s Day

Now that the sparkling reds and pinks of Valentine’s Day are slowly beginning to fade, we can look ahead to March’s most recognizable holiday, St. Patrick’s Day! We all know how it works on this fun and festive day, collegiettes; wear green or fall victim to any one of your friends who feels like pinching you in the name of holiday spirit. Never fear, though, ladies! Her Campus is here to help you embrace the holiday (and avoid those nasty pinches!) in a few chic and sneaky ways. 
1. Go for subtler shades of green. Though most of us may not have anything emerald or clover green in our closets, it’s likely some shade of the color is hiding there. Remember your much-loved fall staple, the military jacket? Or the dark green, patterned scarf you still rock? Muted shades like military and forest green play into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day in a sophisticated and stylish way. Looking for a perfect subtle piece? Try this military jacket from Topshop. 
2. Accessorize. Accessories make a pop of green super simple to accomplish. Jewelry is a classic and easy choice; pick up a beaded jade bracelet or an emerald pendant necklace for a classy ode to the holiday. These little numbers may not be noticeable to the common onlooker, but will surely defend you if your holiday spirit is in question! For a bolder green accessory, go for these knee-high socks from American Apparel in “Forest.” Pair them with neutral pieces for a look that is oh-so-lucky! 
3. Beautify! One of the most fun ways to incorporate green into your look this St. Patrick’s Day is through daring beauty choices. The easiest way to mix a little green into your cosmetic look is with your eye make-up. Pop a bit of dark green into your crease to make a neutral eye holiday ready (this look works especially well for brown eyes!). Or, you can play with liner to achieve a festive look. Swap out your black cat eye for an emerald green one for the ultimate festive look! We love this liquid liner from Stila in “Moss.” 
There you have it, collegiettes! A dash of St. Patrick’s Day spirit is only a few wardrobe and beauty tricks away. These tips are designed for a more subtle take on the St. Paddy’s Day green tradition, but remember, if you want to go all out, go all out! Break out the four-leaf clover headband or the “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirt. The best holiday look is the one in which you feel most comfortable. Best of luck!
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