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Her Beauty: Top 5 Budget Friendly Beauty Products

Hey collegiettes! Being in college is a luxury, but our lifestyle doesn’t seem to luxurious. We know the struggle of wanting to enhance our beauty with make up, but not wanting to splurge 30 dollars on a new lipstick. We compiled a list of Top 5 Beauty Products that are sure to impress and that won’t break the bank!

1. Lipsticks from e.l.f. (Eyes, Lips, Face) are smooth, long lasting lipsticks that comes in many bright, vibrant and fun colors.  The cost varies, depending on which look you want; e.l.f. essential lipsticks are $1,  moisturizing and matte lipsticks are $3, and mineral lipsticks are $5. If you are looking for a more matte look without the cost, just dab on some e.l.f . essential lipstick, kiss a napkin, and you’re good to go for hours!

2. Avon Ultra Luxury Brow Pencil: This brow pencil is extra luxurious for a great price. They are only $5 (currently on sale for $1.89 on avon.com, and often on sale), and comes in 4 shades: Blonde, Light Golden Blonde, Dark Brown, and Soft Black. The best part about this brow pencil is that it is super blendable  and great for ombre brow techniques that are sure to keep you eyebrows on fleek.
3. e.lf. Studio Lip Liner and Blending Brush: For a fantastic, long-lasting lip liner that goes great under almost any lipstick, e.l.f is definitely the way to go. This studio lip liner is only $3 and will stay put no matter how crazy your evening goes!  Colors include Natural, Nude pink, and Wine, all of which blend well with nearly any color lipstick in the nude, pink, and red range. Not to mention, this turn-style pencil comes with a blender brush! (Bonus Tip: e.l.f. also has a lip liner called the Essential Long-Wear Lipliner Pencil for only $1!)
4. Maybelline Great Last Mascara: Self-proclaimed as  “America’s Favorite Mascara”, this mascara is almost always $2-$5 at your local drugstore. The mascara comes in basic colors like Brown, Brown Black, and Blackest Black. The best part about Great Lash is that both washable and waterproof formulas are available to the public, both of which are total necessities for every girl’s makeup bag!
5. Nail Polish Must-Haves: Two phenomenal nail polishes that should be considered essentials for every collegiette’s nail bag are Sinful Colors and Avon Nail Color. Both companies provide varnishes in almost every color known to man (and colorful sparkly glitters). Both polishes are totally affordable and have colors that are opaque, transparent, pearlescent, glittery, and perfect for all your glamorous nail art needs! Sinful Colors banks in at $1.99 per bottle (at local drugstores), and Avon Nail Colors costing an average of $6 (or around $2 when sales come around). The most important thing that every girl looks for in her nail polish is that it is long-lasting (especially when the average lifespan of polished nails is about two days), you can rest assured that these polishes (especially Avon Nailwear Pro+ and dark tones and glitters of Sinful Colors) last on average about a week. How great is that?
Now get out, pamper yourself, and get your hands on some beautiful and affordable cosmetics.
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