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Halloweed Adventures: SD Edition

Living near UCSD definitely has its perks. We get perfect weather, a beach view, and access to the best events this Halloween! If you aren’t sure as to what you are going to be doing next week, check out some of the events we want to check out!

1. Gaslamp: San Diego is so popular for having the Gaslamp Quarter. Not only is it a historical site, but it also contains the best of San Diego’s night life. There are always cover free bars like Analog and Vin de Syrah that will be poppin. If you have a little extra spending money, check out Stingaree Club’s event, Halloweird or Fluxx Nightclub’s event, Fetish Halloween with Travis Porter! You can also check out the San Diego Monster Bash, the biggest block party in California on Halloween! For all of these events, you must be 21 years or older.

2. Haunted Hotel: If you are looking for a thriller, check out the Haunted Hotel which is also in the Gaslamp Quarter. This hotel contains attractions like the Hellivator, Freddy Krueger’s Workshop, and visit rooms that were inspired by Shutter Island. If you go, make sure you take a buddy with you so you don’t get nightmares!  

3. Escape–All Hallow’s Eve: I know this isn’t everybody’s scene, but if you want to attend a funky concert this Halloween, check out Insomniac’s annual Halloween event: Escape–All Hallow’s Eve. This two-day event will not only have world famous DJ’s (and Schoolboy Q) playing amazing sets, but it will also consist of amusement park rides like Ferris Wheels. Escape is for people 18 years and over and is located in San Bernardino, CA. Come dressed up as your favorite Halloween characters (Alice in Wonderland is always the theme of Escape) and get crazy!

4. Party Party Party: If none of these events are appealing to you, but you still want to go out and dress up, check out parties! There will definitely be a lot of parties going around, hosted by fraternities, clubs, or your friends. Make sure you take friends and leave with the same people! We know it’s Halloween, but you still have to make sure you stay safe.

5. Chillin like a Villain: All of the options above require a lot of energy. If you had a midterm or are simply tired, you can still take part in the Halloween festivities. Gather some of your friends and have a Halloween movie night! Bake pumpkin pie, carve pumpkins, and watch some of your favorite Halloween movies! 

No matter how you plan on spending your Halloween, make sure you stay safe collegiettes! Have a spooky night!

Jasmine is currently a senior at the University of California, San Diego. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Education Studies. Jasmine is the Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus UCSD, along with the amazing Taylor Zepeda. Jasmine spends most of her time volunteering at low socioeconomic status elementary schools across the San Diego county and grading papers for classes she is a Teacher's Assistant in. Novel wise, she is an avid fan of Edith Wharton and the Lord of the Rings series. She also loves comedic shows like New Girl and The Big Bang Theory, but also enjoys thrillers like Criminal Minds. One of Jasmine's favorite hobbies is trying foods of different cultures; she loves visiting cultural nights and community festivals. Above all, Jasmine worships Beyonce (a.k.a. Beysus, Queen Bee, Baeyonce, etc). Her future aspiration in life is to become the Secretary of Education and have the Hov and B over for dinners.
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