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Welcome back collegiettes! Are you looking for new ways to spice up your room? I have the answer to all your decorating dilemmas: Washi Tape. I had never heard of Washi Tape until I looked it up recently. It is perfect for decorating dorm rooms because it provides an easy application that leaves no residue behind. Washi tape also comes in a multitude of designs and colors to fit your aesthetic.

Here are some of the fabulous ideas that I saw:

Colorful Keyboard:

All you need to do is cut your tape to the appropriate length and stick it on to the keys. Most varieties of Washi tape are semi-transparent so you will still be able to see the letters on your keyboard.

Door Re-designed:

Pick out your favorite design, then pick a simple pattern like vertical lines or overlapping lines to make squares. Lay the pattern on to the tape for an easy face-lift for your door.

Funky Picture Frames:

I think this one looks too cool for words. It is so annoying that you can’t put any holes in your wall when you have so many great pictures to put on display. The easiest way to polish up your photos is with a DIY tape frame. It will give your photos a finished look.

Geometric  Wall Decals:

If you want to give your place a more artsy and modern feel, you can use Washi tape to make your own personal decals. 

The list of suggestions could be endless considering the versatility of this product. Let you imagination go wild. Think of some crazy new ways to use Washi tape and share it with us!

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