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The Delicious Adventures of Brockton Villa

One thing I love about La Jolla (other than its unfailingly beautiful weather, the rolling fog that sweeps onto campus on cold nights, and the charming boutiques) is its bustling brunch scene. While The Cottage, Cody’s, and Coffee Cup are among the best brunch experiences I’ve had here in La Jolla, I would say that a quaint little house on the cove takes the cake: Brockton Villa Restaurant.

I ended up at this place on accident and, to this day, it has been my favorite mistake ever. When I picked up a menu, I was overwhelmed as to what I should order because everything looked SO GOOD. As I stared at the breakfast menu, mouth agape and stomach rumbling, I found myself torn between the Naughty Burrito (house made carne asada, potatoes, and chili crème fraiche), the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes (buttermilk pancakes with cinnamon glaze filling and topped with cream cheese frosting), and a little something by the name of “Coast Toast.”

Allow me to continue by saying that I have never been a fan of French Toast; not that I don’t appreciate it, it’s just not the first or second thing I would choose to order. However, the description under Coast Toast was simply, “World-Famous French Toast.” I may not be a supporter of regular French Toast, but I have vowed to never turn down what I like to call a “Food Adventure.” And this was the perfect opportunity. After all, this could be the greatest thing I had ever eaten!

I ordered this renowned French Toast and sat there in the warm La Jolla sun, listening to the sound of the seals sprawled on the sand across the street, giddy with anticipation. Then it happened. The waitress brought a plate while singing a hallelujah chorus. This was no normal French Toast. The slices were soufflé-like, perched on a handful of berries, and served with a perfectly contrasting, tart berry compote.  This Food Adventure made me feel like a culinary Indiana Jones; scaling along the walls of a forbidden temple, making my way slowly and deliberately to the treasure I had spent my whole life trying to find. Except the treasure I was trying to find was actually French Toast… and I didn’t show up to breakfast wearing a hat or wielding a whip. But it’s basically the same idea.

Not only is the atmosphere of Brockton Villa Restaurant perfect (a small, white house with wood floors and an abundance of windows that allow all tables to feel a gentle breeze), but the food is able to exceed just about all of your expectations. Take it from someone who claimed to dislike French Toast literally ten minutes beforehand: this French Toast (and the crab cakes) is to die for. Like, risk-your-Indiana Jones-hat to die for. Go forth and [Food] Adventure!

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