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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCSD chapter.

Name: Robyn Wong

Major: Urban Studies and Planning/Political Science

Year: Freshman

Describe your style in 3 words.

Three ways to describe my style are androgynous, “neutral color palette”, and “Los Angeles.”

Describe what you’re wearing.

Here, I’m wearing chunky wedges, leaf-pattern joggers, a black muscle tank, and a geometric necklace. On a regular school day, I would wear my brown leather ankle boots with this kind of outfit, but these cork wedges are an easy way to be more dressed up. 

What are your favorite spring essentials?

Two styles that I love for spring are carved-shoulder tanks and boyfriend jeans. The tanks are a fun way to throw some 90’s influence into your outfit, and they’re great for showing off your arms as you get ready for summer! I also really like boyfriend jeans, since they can add a tomboy-ish edge to all the florals and pastel colors that you usually see in spring.

Where do you most like to shop?

I usually shop at H&M, since I wear mostly basics, but I sometimes indulge in Urban Outfitters to get pieces that are more bohemian or edgy.

Is there any clothing/accessory item you are just itching to get right now?

Recently, I have been itching to get one of those short, breezy dresses usually called swing or smock dresses, depending on the brand. They’re really simple but they can be casual, flirty, and everything in between.    

Where/from whom do you get inspiration for your outfits?

Sometimes I get inspiration for my outfits by making random themes, like “Seattle grunge” or “French girl a la Audrey Tautou.” It’s kind of silly, but doing this keeps me from getting stuck in a style rut, which is really easy, since I only wear neutral colors and don’t have too many patterned items.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

This is such a typical college student answer, but I definitely cannot live without coffee. I used to deny that I had a problem, but now I have accepted the severity of my condition and fully recognize my addiction. 

Lastly, what are you craving right now?

Right now, I’m craving homemade chocolate chip cookies. Living in the dorms without a kitchen has really taken its toll on me!