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Campus Cutie: Mike Kloha

What college are you in?

Warren College

What is your major?

I’m an Environmental Policy major.

What excites you about your major?

 I really feel like I’m going to make a difference in the world with whatever career path I decide to take. I’m excited to attack issues like climate change and species conservation.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

I stick to the classics so chocolate ice cream.

What teams do you root for?

I root for the Chargers and the Suns.

What is a misconception that women have about men?

A common misconception that I think women have about men is that men are more concerned with looks than personality, which is far from the truth. In the beginning, yes, more often than not men will approach you in they find you attractive…but if you end up conversing with them and seem disinterested, or generally unwilling to contribute equally to the conversation, it’s a huge turn off. A personality is what sustains a relationship and keeps guys interested. So ladies, flaunt that beautiful personality because it will yield good results!

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