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Campus Cutie: Jacob Valadez

Name: Jacob Valadez
Major: Literature/Writing
Year: Senior
Where is your hometown? Los Altos/Mountain View, California.
What’s your favorite kind of food? That’s a tough one! I’d say Japanese or Chinese food, though.  
If you had to name your favorite city in the world, what would it be? That would definitely be San Francisco. It’s the best city in the world. I like that it’s small in area, but diverse in districts and neighborhoods. It’s by the bay and there’s an awesome park, so there’s nature all around even though it’s a traditional city. And it’s also such a cultural hub!
Are you single? Nope! I’m taken.
If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be and why? I think I would go to New York City because I’ve never been. I’m also graduating soon, so I’d like to see the bustle and excitement of such a big city. I want to do something new and exciting.
What are you going to miss most about college? I’d say getting to see my friends every day.  
What’s your favorite movie you’ve seen in the past year? Grand Bupadest Hotel. I like well-written, clever, quick-paced films, and I think it was all of those things. It had a great story and great dialogue, and it was also beautiful to watch and to look at.
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