Campus Cutie: Brandon Ehlert


Name: Brandon EhlertMajor: Human Biology and TheatreYear: SophomoreHometown: Coto de Caza, CARelationship Status: SingleWhat would be your perfect date?Depends. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so if it's around Christmas, definitely decorating the tree, hot cocoa, and a good movie. If we're in for some excitement, maybe a trip to Belmont Park or a night at a live performance. In a more relaxed mood and it would probably be just a nice picnic on the beach.Who is your biggest celebrity crush?Oh gosh. Jennifer Lawrence.Tell us something that a lot of people don't know about you:I live my life with a lot of anxiety. I come off pretty relaxed, but at any given moment I'm usually thinking about how scared I am that my future is completely up in the air.What are your favorite things to do in your free time?Beach volleyball, improvisational comedy, writing, and spending time with family and GodFavorite SD eatery?REGENTS PIZZA! Their new location is seriously epic. Just Kaiserhoff is excellent as well if I am in the mood to relish in my German roots.What's your favorite movie?Impossible to choose one. It would be between Silver Linings Playbook and Braveheart.What do you want to do after college?Right now, I want to try and get into the Pharmaceutical industry, eventually getting into marketing. I'm fairly certain I will end up in LA and be able to pursue a career in acting.Have any words to live by?Live to work, and don't work to live.(My mom should never know about this because she always tells me the opposite.)