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After Saying No to Makeup I Finally Caved At 21 Years of Age

Growing up I never wore makeup and never had an interest in makeup. I would only wear makeup when it was a VERY special occasion (eg. weddings, prom). I always thought that wearing no makeup would always be better for my skin, oh I was wrong about that. After going to a (Korean based) dermatology appointment, I learned that it’s actually better to put on makeup (at least BB cream and/or foundation) after putting on sunscreen. Without a proper base, sunscreen doesn’t actually last as long as it should. But, if there is a layer of foundation it will help the sunscreen last longer (an extra layer of protection throughout the day). 

Since then I started to wear makeup more often, even while being at home! You don’t actually know how many harmful rays our skin comes into contact with while being inside. From the sun rays that come through the window, the blue light that comes off our laptops and phones, to the light bulbs that are all around us. Especially because of COVID-19, no one is going outside as often and are looking at screens way more. So, better go and protect that skin of yours!

It’s been around four months since that appointment and I’ve already seen a difference in my skin. It is not only clearer, but it’s actually brighter too. Yes, I will say my skincare routine has been upgraded and that has something to do with it too, but I will say that I do feel like there is an extra layer of protection when I put on BB cream after my sunscreen. The rays that I’m surrounded by all day and every day feel like they aren’t being absorbed through my skin. 

It’s never too late to upgrade your skincare routine and/or start wearing makeup. You just have to start! I promise that you WILL NOT regret it at all!


** A tip from the lady that helped me with my skin, she recommends not using BB cream/foundation that has sunscreen in it already. She says that it’s better to have a separate sunscreen and base. Just wanted to relay that message on :)) **


Born and raised in the Bay Area, Shannon Kang is a California native. She is finished community college back in her hometown and is now enrolled at University of California, San Diego to pursue her Bachelor's Degree in Communications. After undergrad she is planning on furthering her education to pursue an MBA in management and operations. When it comes to tasks and her interests she is determined and persistent, she will not stop till she gets what she wants. Her interests include, music (KPOP stan), food (total foodie), Asian culture, fashion, skin care, and literature.
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